Autism: An Interview

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We hear about autism a lot; that the rates of autism in children is increasing, that most people are on an autism scale etc. But do we actually know what it is? Or what it’s like to live with autism? This informative interview with Brandon gives us an insight into the life of people with autism.

Hi Brandon, how are you?

I’m good, thanks.

What is autism?

I have high functioning autism and it is a disorder that in my case affects my sociability, communication and how I perceive facial expressions and stuff like that.

With what I’ve seen and heard of low functioning autism, it affects language skills. Many people I see with it have to use a word processor and have an aid with them. A lot have these gestures that they do, some suffer from epilepsy and memory impairment.

Tell us about your autism.

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What it’s like to be Bisexual.

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Adam is bisexual. I interviewed him to find out about his everyday life and experiences.

Hi Adam, how are you?

I’m good thanks.

So, Adam, when did you realise you were bisexual?

About 18 months ago, when one of my male friends was hitting on me. We got into a relationship. Another mutual friend (a female) said she had feelings for me and we somehow ended up in a polyamorous relationship for a few months.

How did you get into the poly relationship?

We were all hanging out and I was dating my male friend. She kept hitting on me playfully and she said something about what she’d do if we were alone and my boyfriend said he wouldn’t mind seeing that. I had already told him that I had feelings for both but I would still remain with him if it came to that. We just ended up in a poly relationship after that.

What was the best part of the relationship?

I think just the closeness. I tend not to trust people with my heart so easily so when I do, it just brightens my day to be around the people I care about. We all lived near each other and went to the same school so we saw each other a lot.

What was the worst part about the relationship?

Probably the balance of it. I couldn’t show either person too much attention without neglecting the other.

Did other people treat you differently because you were in a poly relationship?

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