Hello! I’m Aisling and I am the founder of Smart Teen. I want to know more about the world and the amazing people of my generation. So early in 2017 I started Smart Teen.

After listening to a teenager talk about their life as a transgender girl, I felt inspired. I had never even thought about what it felt to be transgender. So what did it feel like to live as a gay teenager? Or someone with anxiety or depression? I didn’t know. And I didn’t think that was good enough either.

Everyone deserves to share their story. So do you. So that is what Smart Teen is for. Tell us your story. Expand your knowledge. Contact me with your story or even just to have a chat and we can see where to go from there. By sharing your story, you change the world a tiny little bit. You help someone else understand and feel more accepted.

Let’s see what we can do. Together.

With Love,

Aisling xx