Body Blues

Hey Smart Teens,

It’s been over 4 months since I posted and I have to apologise. This year has been one stress after another stress with school and exams. But I’m back! I have the whole of summer to look forward to and this summer, I have a goal and of course, a detailed plan of action to go with it!

The title is Body Blues and that really sums up how I’ve felt about myself for, well a long time really. The first time I felt bad or ashamed or sad or whatever adjective you want to use about my weight was when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I had just been on a holiday where as a food loving child, I indulged in ALL the deserts and chocolates and nice things that were offered to me. I distinctly remember the feeling I had stepping on the scales and being completely and utterly shocked at the number. I can’t remember the number but I remember the feeling because it’s one that has followed me ever since. I often wonder if it’s really bad that I felt like that as a child.

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