Looking Confident even When You’re Not.

Picture by Ryan McGuire

They say fake it ’till you make it and this is true of me. I faked confidence for so long that now it is practically second nature to me. I now debate (stand and talk in front of people, basically the self conscious person’s worst nightmare).

Here’s some reasons why you should fake your confidence:

  • Studies show it is more important for career success than talent.
  • If you appear more confident you may achieve a higher social status than your less confident peers.
  • You’ll do things you’d never have dreamed of doing before, like me and debating!

Faking confidence is so easy and it really does boost your self esteem. Standing up that little bit taller makes you feel like you can take on the world and that’s how I feel when I put these tips into practice!

  1. Making eye contact. Not only does this make you look more confident but people who don’t make eye contact always seem untrustworthy to me. Is that just me? When people can’t meet my eye I always wonder why.Eye contact makes you seem trustworthy, more decisive and lets you make a deeper connection with the person and what they are saying.
  2. Dress for success. Putting on your favourite shirt or a nice new suit can do wonders for your confidence. For me, being the shorty that I am putting on a pair of shoes with some sort of heel, generally only a few inches can make me feel so much more confident.
  3. Tell yourself how amazing you are! Go and look in that mirror, yes you! Right now! That beautiful face looking back? It is a beautiful face with so much confidence that it would knock someone out. Okay? Glad everyone understands, let’s move on!
  4. Power poses. If you haven’t heard of or done a power pose yet then you need to do this. Just stand in front of a mirror like Superman for a few minutes. Just stand there with your hands on your hips and grin at how silly you look in the mirror. Guaranteed you will feel better afterwards (no refund policy currently in place!)
  5. Stand tall and ignore the haters. Pull yourself up and correct your posture. Remember a quick guide to good posture is your shoulders just behind your hips, your head just behind your shoulders. Chin up and remind yourself that you are a confident beast who can do anything!

I find that when I put on my confidence armour it makes all the difference. I stick a smile on my face and i stand straight. My day is always so much better then. And no I’m not trying to hide who I am or anything, here I am completely vulnerable in front of the world here. What I’m doing is just making myself feel better and I think it’s important for everyone to do that.

With Love,

Aisling xx


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