We are the Best Generation Yet

Picture by Ryan McGuire

Our generation is the kindest, most accepting and most supportive yet. Don’t believe me? Let me show you what I mean.

I live in Ireland and we recently became the first country to vote to legalise gay marriage. We are a country that less than fifty years ago, didn’t allow divorce or contraception and forced women to give up their jobs when they got married. Seeing people get married in their home country where they couldn’t before was a tear-jerking moment and made me feel so proud to be Irish.

Two male models have recently become the face of big cosmetic brands. Men. Those men who were frequently pushed aside and stereotyped into believing that they could never wear makeup.

Donald Trump was elected. This is where you all stop and scratch your head. But Aisling doesn’t that just show the hate that is being spread and how messed up we are as people? No, it doesn’t. It was our generation (at least the older ones of us who could vote) who voted against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton. Look at the intense rallies that were held all over America to show that bigotry and hate could not and would not defy the people of America.

All everyone talks about is the trolls and how horrible they are to people on social media. Why don’t we stop glorifying the trolls on the media and instead shed light on some of the amazing love that is spread through it instead? Giving the trolls attention isn’t stopping them, it’s driving them on and just plain ignoring them is what will tear them down. People like that love the attention.

Discrimination is on the down low and it is incredible to watch. As Miley Cyrus perfectly put it when addressing Donald Trump “We will accept you, if you accept us”. That is what our generation is doing.

Now to explain the supportive. We as a generation spread so much love that it is unbelievable. Apps like Whisper allow people to anonymously post whatever they are feeling and people respond to it. We support each other. Older generations will never know how incredible the internet community is and for that I pity them. They are missing out. Just by being here, reading this post you are supporting someone, me. You don’t know me because I am behind a screen but these are still my words and when you read them and like them that means the world to me.

Whenever you feel upset or disappointed at the world and what we sometimes foolishly do, think about all the incredible things that we do as well. We are an incredible generation who are the most advanced yet. We will do amazing things, just watch.

With love,

Aisling xx


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